Open Labour endorses Artin Giles for Chair of London Young Labour

08.01.18 / In: News / Tags:

After approaching us for consideration, Open Labour are happy to endorse Artin Giles as London Young Labour Chair.

This is our first intervention in youth elections of the Labour Party, as we believe it is essential that when young workers and renters in the capital are living in such precarious conditions that there is a very active and outward-looking London Young Labour. We believe Artin represents this.

Labour works best as an active, policy-focused campaigning force that has clear-cut policies and is committed to clear-cut change.

Artin’s policies align with our belief that Labour should prioritise practical solutions to the housing crisis, council cuts, and trade unions; include the organisation of a Renters Union, a housing campaign for rent caps, holding councils accountable for regeneration projects, as well as developing overall better relationships with trade unions for the educational needs of young members, which will go a long way to creating a new generation of powerful campaigners on these vital issues.

We hope that with Artin Giles as Chair, LYL will head in a new direction that prioritises young workers and significantly improves links with trade unions in the capital, and sets a tone for the priorities of the wider Labour Party in our big cities and for struggling young workers looking to us for hope and practical change.

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