Open Labour is a new forum for people who believe in politics which is open, modern, and socialist. We are not based around think tanks or Parliament, but around regular members and supporters of the party, our affiliates, and the common roots and values we share in our local communities.

The forum is run by volunteers and transparently funded by small donations. You can find our full launch statement here, and we invite you to sign up as a supporter by joining our mailing list here.

Open Labour will seek ideas that can move the country out of the austerity era. But policy ideas or campaigns alone are not enough. Without the right foundations, no particular path can inspire people to get active, or gain the wide support Labour needs in the country.

The culture of any organisation is key to success. Labour is no different. We should pride ourselves on vibrant democracy, diversity of views, and open debate. We should concentrate on meeting future challenges for the left rather than enforcing old formulas. We as a party should emphasise beliefs we share and where we can work together, debate how to reach and persuade the unconvinced, and respect the views of others in the hope of winning them over.

Open Labour will use these principles to seek insights which are serious and strategic when it comes to winning broad enough support for Labour to win. Though sometimes overlooked, this is a basic need.

But it is right to say that politics is more than elected office. Labour must be about changing the terms and structures of power enough to end years of ‘me first’ politics. To secure a better society, the country needs a new rulebook. Open Labour would love you to help write it.

If you agree with any of this, please tell us about you!

Social Media
Our social media policy is available here.

Editorial policy

Find out how you can write for us here.

Our constitution is available here. This is the constitution as amended at our AGM on the 11th March 2017.

National Committee

This body runs the organisation, is drawn from around the country, and has a flat structure subject to our constitution (see above). Job roles are allocated within the NC as required, by internal vote. Its membership as elected prior to the AGM on the 11th March by OMOV is as follows:

Bev Craig

Phil Freeman

Rose Grayston

David Hamblin

Tom Miller

Lynn Morris

Robin Moss

Laura Pascal

Alex Sobel

Paul Thompson

Rachael Ward

Tom Williams

Regional organisers

Regional organisers will be ex officio members of the Management Committee and will take responsibility for regional and local events. Contact details will soon be announced and contact details published.