Open Labour comes from the tradition on the ‘soft left’ of the Labour Party, which we are keen to recast and renew as the ‘open left’.

The open left stands for transformative, left-wing politics. But our socialism means nothing unless it also looks outwards to the voting public, is honest about the political challenges we face, and encourages an inclusive & pluralist attitude to how the left does business in the party.

These values distinguish Open Labour from parts of the traditionalist left in the party, but also make us a friend to anyone who believes in them.

Our politics are anti-neoliberal, radical on constitutional questions and democracy, pro-trade union, and internationalist. We understand that this set of values does not reflect the present state of media and public opinion, and that it is challenging for the left to win in politics without far more allies. Being realistic and practical about embedding change is fundamental to our outlook. We are ‘radical but realistic’.

So far we have not taken positions on internal party matters including the previous questions around the leadership, and we do not generally prioritise ‘personality politics’. We do however seek an open and inclusive political culture, and we will organise to achieve it.

We are a grassroots and member-led organisation, and all of our funds are from membership fees and small donations.

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Social Media
Our social media policy is available here.

Editorial policy

Find out how you can write for us here.

Our constitution is available here. This is the constitution as amended at our AGM on the 11th March 2017.

National Committee

This body runs the organisation, is drawn from around the country, and has a flat structure subject to our constitution (see above). Job roles are allocated within the NC as required, by internal vote. Its membership as elected prior to the AGM on the 11th March by OMOV is as follows:

Bev Craig

Phil Freeman

Rose Grayston

David Hamblin

Tom Miller

Lynn Morris

Robin Moss

Laura Pascal

Alex Sobel

Paul Thompson

Rachael Ward

Tom Williams

Regional organisers

Regional organisers will be ex officio members of the Management Committee and will take responsibility for regional and local events. Contact details will soon be announced and contact details published.

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