What story will we take from the Labour Manifesto?

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Manifestos are probably the most talked about documents that no one really reads. In a pure Aristotelian democracy, voters would carefully consider each of the policies in each of the manifestos measuring them against their own personal and political priorities and voting accordingly. In reality, few will read the manifestos in … Continued

Class, Union, Party

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid Class, Union, Party are the triumvirate of the Labour movement. As Labour Party members we understand that each begets the other. It is through our struggles that the working class recognised the deep seated need to act as one and form trade unions. The Labour Party was fashioned into being … Continued

1997, 20 years on: what can we learn?

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Labour is a movement drowning in nostalgia. It’s plethora of pasts overwhelm all parts of its present. All of the fights we have about our current situation are – in reality – fights about how you view our recent and longer term history. What lessons can be learned, what lessons … Continued

Corbyn or ABC: Now’s the time to focus on country

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Theresa May is effective in a way other politicians can only dream about. To have dropped us into a General Election, just as the polls are at the very lowest the Labour Party have seen for a generation, and to do so without a hint of a leak is extraordinary. … Continued

Good policy needs good leadership

This weekend’s polling presents a mixed but unsurprising lesson that the Labour Party should have learnt years ago: Leadership is a prerequisite to us delivering policy in government. Policy isn’t solely a prerequisite to us governing. Firstly, the blitz of policies over recess has proved a hit. ComRes show that our new policy on the minimum … Continued

Grace and Disgrace

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ It so happened that the week of Ken Livingstone’s NCC hearing and the outcry that followed I was reading Harriet Harman’s rip-roaring memoir A Woman’s Work. The book is fantastic – I can’t recommend it highly enough. But what struck me reading it in the moment was the very different paths … Continued

We cannot let the Right define patriotism

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ In 2017, it is impossible to avoid thinking about the topic of patriotism. For many on the left, patriotism is synonymous with the darker concept of nationalism. Both are also tinged for many on the left (as actively encouraged by those on the right) with a sense of nativism. This … Continued

Progressive Alliance – A constructive critique

By Paul Thompson Last Monday saw the latest round in the Compass campaign for a ‘progressive alliance’ – a pamphlet from the writer, Jeremy Gilbert. An honest and thoughtful piece aimed squarely at Labour supporters, it didn’t persuade me, a founding signatory of Compass and someone who tries hard not be tribalist. However, let’s start … Continued

A week for commonality

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Last week, we saw the best of ourselves and the worst of ourselves. As we mourn the deaths caused by one appalling individual, we need to look at the events of last week and what we can learn from them. Westminster is so often described in violent terms. We discuss … Continued