After Theresa May’s transformation of the Tory party, what’s left for the centre-left?

By Jeevan Jones / @JeevanJones On 5th October in Birmingham’s ICC, you’d be forgiven for thinking something sounded familiar. It wasn’t Ed Miliband talking about “tackling unfairness and injustice and shifting the balance of Britain decisively in favour of ordinary working class people” or of “building an economy that’s fair, where everyone plays by the … Continued

‘What Works’ vs Ideology: a False Dichotomy

By Dr Matt Donoghue / @drdonoghue To my mind, one of New Labour’s masterstrokes was to ostensibly drop a commitment to ideology in favour of embracing ‘what works’. This has been discussed to death in the academic literature, and has been a constant talking point in certain corners of the media. A recent example of … Continued

Jeremy Corbyn & The Robots: Why Only Radical Ideas Will Make Both Labour & Britain Fit for the 21st Century

By Pete Kennedy / @PeteKennedy121 Ours is essentially a tragic age so we refuse to view it tragically. The cataclysm has happened, we are among the ruins…we’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen. — D.H. Lawrence Following his election in 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt is said to have met with Sidney Hillman and other … Continued

People with Disabilities: Brexit spells trouble

By James William Jacobs / @jameswjacobs Whatever our opinion on Brexit, and whatever we think of the leadership in the campaign, every Labour member that I know is fiercely against any diminution of the social and employment protections the European Union gives us. However, the group that has most to lose from the Article 50 negotiations … Continued

No to ‘lexit’ – Vote Remain

By Hanif Leylabi / @hanifleylabi I’m voting Remain – but one day I could vote Leave. So #EUref. Yeah, that. That thing that seems like it’s been going on forever. Seems like a simple choice for those of us on the left. The Labour Party, labour movement, progressive and liberal organisations, moderate Tories and the … Continued

After Jo Cox

By Paul Cotterill / @Bickerrecord A few hours before the murder of Jo Cox, I wrote this in one of my rare personal entries on Facebook, where I sometimes put half-formed stuff not ready for the public eye: I’m readying myself to write quite a big ‘what after Brexit?’ essay, as Brexit now looks increasing … Continued

“How can the Labour party build a winning coalition?” An interview with Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert is a political analyst and activist based at the University of East London. His research draws on critical theory to explore the past, present and future of radical democracy, and he currently runs the series ‘Culture, Power and Politics’ which is open to all members of the public. In this interview, Gilbert reflects … Continued

Labour Students has a race problem

By Huda Elmi / @hudacabdulaziz Labour Students is as institutionally racist as it has always been, and this will not change under the proposal of One Member One Vote (OMOV), to be discussed today at Labour Students’ Extraordinary Conference. That realisation in itself is one that that saddens me deeply, as the entire point of … Continued