Back to the Future: How The Corbyn Movement Rejected the End of History

By Peter Kennedy / @kennedy121 It turns out the End of History wasn’t quite as terminal as we were led to believe. Last week’s general election was a stark deviation from capitalism’s triumphalist post-Cold War script. Until very recently, any hope in a meaningful alternative to corporate welfare, crushing austerity, rampant individualism and obscene inequality was … Continued

General Election 2017 – the world turned upside down?

By Paul Thompson This article is in anticipation of The Path to Power on June 24th – you can sign up here. This was the election in which almost every established nostrum was overturned. Some are what psephologists call ‘the ‘fundamentals’, in this case the young will not turn out to vote; divided parties don’t do … Continued

We need to demand an end to the “hostile environment” approach to immigration policy

Many young Londoners like me know the drill – every year or two, we must pack up our bags and search for a new home. This month, it was my turn again. After finding a place and agreeing to go ahead with the letting agent, I received a very long email detailing a new check … Continued

The State and the Nation

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ We need to talk about the state. Not just about cuts, not just about public services, not just about taxes and “red tape”, not just about welfare and workfare. Because all of those arguments are at their heart just symptoms of the fact that we aren’t having the deeper discussion … Continued

Editorial: A positive message pays off

Wow. An incredible campaign ends with an incredible night. Huge congratulations must go out to all candidates, not least Alex Sobel, Rosie Duffield and Emma Hardy, Open Labour members and now Members of Parliament. Much credit also needs to go to the leadership, who have defied expectations exceedingly. This has been one of the most … Continued

Some conclusions on a truly unique election night

An overview from Hanif Leylabi / @hanifleylabi Last night was unparalleled and a much bigger success than expected. It led to a very difficult situation for the Tory government and gave Labour a massive boost on a popular, ‘sensible left’ manifesto. The dust is settling, and over coming weeks Labour faces questions about where to … Continued

Tomorrow’s choice

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Tomorrow, Britain goes to the polls in one of the most surprising and unexpected elections of my lifetime. Win or lose, moving forward or back by ten PM tomorrow there will be nothing more that can be done. By Friday morning we will be either nursing bruised hearts at a disappointing … Continued

Maybe not…

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Theresa May’s mega-wobble and the subsequent Tory dip in the polls may or may not last, but its effects will be felt for years to come either way. Let us be under no illusion, the Prime Minister has comprehensively trashed her brand. By reversing as soon as the going got … Continued

Making our democracy better

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ This column wasn’t supposed to be about this. Earlier in the week I had drafted a blistering attack on Theresa May’s U-turn over social care written and ready to be published. It wasn’t the time. It still isn’t. Today, we return to national campaigning in an election campaign that has paled … Continued

What story will we take from the Labour Manifesto?

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Manifestos are probably the most talked about documents that no one really reads. In a pure Aristotelian democracy, voters would carefully consider each of the policies in each of the manifestos measuring them against their own personal and political priorities and voting accordingly. In reality, few will read the manifestos in … Continued