No to ‘lexit’ – Vote Remain

By Hanif Leylabi / @hanifleylabi I’m voting Remain – but one day I could vote Leave. So #EUref. Yeah, that. That thing that seems like it’s been going on forever. Seems like a simple choice for those of us on the left. The Labour Party, labour movement, progressive and liberal organisations, moderate Tories and the … Continued

After IDS: Where Labour Goes From Here

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim There are three primary observations to take from Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation, after we have all done with jumping up and down on our beds and popping open a decent Pinot Grigio. First, that this was not actually about the reforms he championed, but a move in political chess. Second, … Continued

Finding direction

By David Purdy Since the post-war settlement was overturned and capitalism was unleashed via the neoliberal revolution of the 1980s, profound transformations have taken place in politics and power. The development of mass parties that accompanied the rise of representative government in the late nineteenth century reached its apogee in the mid-twentieth century. Since then, … Continued