Class, Union, Party

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid Class, Union, Party are the triumvirate of the Labour movement. As Labour Party members we understand that each begets the other. It is through our struggles that the working class recognised the deep seated need to act as one and form trade unions. The Labour Party was fashioned into being … Continued

Labour’s nuclear reaction

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid At some point the number of articles written about the Copeland & Stoke Central by-elections may actually reach the number of the ballots cast. Both results were a perfect storm to keep the internal Labour Party maelstrom blowing. If Labour had held both seats then Corbyn supporters would have felt … Continued

We Must Increase Mental Health Awareness And Support for the Young

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid / @GMBYoungMembers There are those who may question why my Union -the GMB- has a stance on mental health. Aren’t unions solely concerned with workplace matters? With mental health issues affecting one in six of those who are in work Unions can certainly make the case that this is a … Continued

£10NOW: A Fair Deal for Young Workers

by David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid Fast Food Workers, Young Trade Unionists, and more have taken to the streets to denounce the invidious positon for Young Workers today. The low pay & precarious hours which young workers receive are a grievous indictment on the way our economy is structured. The GMB Young Members Network were amongst … Continued