Perspectives for Open Labour: A Politics of Radical Pessimism

By Paul Thompson and F. H. Pitts / @fhpitts This document is submitted as part of a constructive engagement with the Management Committee’s Draft Position Paper (DPP). There is not much that most on the left could disagree with in the Statement. That has its merits, and we are sympathetic to not trying to have … Continued

Social care – so what do we do?

By James Jacobs / @jameswjacobs Social Care is in crisis. We know this as a certainty. The pressures of not only an ageing population but the ever-increasing consensus that people have individual and acute needs are growing. This means that it’s not just extra staffing that would help, but specialist staffing. And because there isn’t … Continued

Like the Poll Tax before it, Council Tax must perish

By Rose Grayston / @rosegrayston Ever since Council Tax emerged from the ashes of the Conservatives’ failed Poll Tax, commentators have promoted alternatives ranging from a local version of Income Tax to Land Value Tax (LVT) and the Mansion Tax in its various forms. The case for reform is compelling and urgent. It is not … Continued

The best start

By JoAnne Rust / JoAnne rust Let me take you back in time, to the bygone age of 2003. A Labour Government had set out its strategy for childcare, a choice for parents about the best start for their children. Sure Start Children’s Centres would be just one part of the childcare provision that offered … Continued