1997, 20 years on: what can we learn?

By Emma Burnell / @EmmaBurnell_ Labour is a movement drowning in nostalgia. It’s plethora of pasts overwhelm all parts of its present. All of the fights we have about our current situation are – in reality – fights about how you view our recent and longer term history. What lessons can be learned, what lessons … Continued

Perspectives for Open Labour: A Politics of Radical Pessimism

By Paul Thompson and F. H. Pitts / @fhpitts This document is submitted as part of a constructive engagement with the Management Committee’s Draft Position Paper (DPP). There is not much that most on the left could disagree with in the Statement. That has its merits, and we are sympathetic to not trying to have … Continued

Finding direction

By David Purdy Since the post-war settlement was overturned and capitalism was unleashed via the neoliberal revolution of the 1980s, profound transformations have taken place in politics and power. The development of mass parties that accompanied the rise of representative government in the late nineteenth century reached its apogee in the mid-twentieth century. Since then, … Continued

A bridge over troubled water?

By Cllr Alex Sobel / @alexsobel At present, our party doesn’t look like a united party to those looking in from the outside. It doesn’t even get close to looking like one on social media. And the reports from within Parliament make grim reading. We have been as united as I can ever remember in … Continued

The best start

By JoAnne Rust / JoAnne rust Let me take you back in time, to the bygone age of 2003. A Labour Government had set out its strategy for childcare, a choice for parents about the best start for their children. Sure Start Children’s Centres would be just one part of the childcare provision that offered … Continued

More than just an interim

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim As an outsider, you’d think The Labour Party was a heavily dichotomous creature. Disagreeable, a Cold War where the unaligned must choose a side, or worse, a Question Time panel as a national party. Two sides, growling and hissing at one another, vying for both the actual leadership and claim … Continued