Labour’s nuclear reaction

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid At some point the number of articles written about the Copeland & Stoke Central by-elections may actually reach the number of the ballots cast. Both results were a perfect storm to keep the internal Labour Party maelstrom blowing. If Labour had held both seats then Corbyn supporters would have felt … Continued

On Rhea Wolfson, and young women in the Labour Party

By Charlotte Nichols / @charlotte2153 Being a Labour Party member at the moment can often be rather disheartening. Being a member who is part of a Jewish community even moreso, with everything that’s going on at the moment in the party regarding antisemitism. Being a woman member has always been somewhat of an added nuisance- … Continued

Open Democracy: A Genuinely New Politics

By Russell Razzaque / @MindfulRussell People have lost faith. There was a time when the public were prepared to defer to politicians and accept their ability, indeed right, to make decisions on their behalf, but over the last decade or more, that trust and respect has eroded almost to the point of complete extinction. Promises … Continued

On Not Seeing Two Sides

By Rachel Muers / @rachelmuers Jade Azim’s account of her experience at the Young Labour conference is all too easy to recognise and relate to, even for those of us whose acquaintance with current internal Labour politics comes mostly from the media and online debate. The part of Jade’s story that struck me most forcibly … Continued

Caroline Hill: What I Will Do as Young Labour’s Chair

By Caroline Hill / @__carolinaaaa Last month, in a room in Scarborough, I was absolutely delighted to be elected Chair of Young Labour. Sixty percent of those at the conference decided to cast their ballot for me and I’ll be forever grateful for that. Things happened in Scarborough that are more appropriate for the classroom I … Continued

Reflecting on #YL16: A Need for Something New

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim Standing in that conference hall in Scarborough during the Young Labour Conference this weekend at the height of the NEC and Chair elections was like being in the middle of a Venn diagram. As a delegate with no ‘-ite’, it was pressurising and, from afar and without purpose, dehumanising. People … Continued

Here We Go Again

By Ann Black Labour is reviewing its policy-making processes for the umpteenth time since the national policy forum (NPF) was established in 1997. After 18 years most members still cannot name their representatives, and still feel that their views vanish into the ether. One-member-one-vote elections and the Your Britain website have made little difference out … Continued

Building Momentum for an Open Labour Party

By James Doran / @doran_j When I heard that Open Labour had been established, I was delighted. Why, though? I am involved with Momentum. Should I not see Open Labour as a threat? If we can think of Momentum as a kind of enlarged and updated Campaign Group, then Open Labour aims to do the … Continued