Tata to British Steel: The Folly of Pandering to China

By Peter Kennedy / @kennedy121 According to Tata Steel’s own announcements, the plant at Port Talbot has a maximum of six weeks’ life left in it before being shut down by the company. The lack of urgency on the part of the government (farcically embodied by Sajid Javid’s delayed return from Australia) would be shocking … Continued

The left and ‘institutional patriotism’

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim My generation has not known the welfare state or public ownership as our parents did. We have rarely known public institutions that are completely public. Whether that means growing up in the aftermath of Right To Buy, rail privatization, the PFI boom or academisation under Cameron, I fear that my … Continued

Saving our steel means demanding a strategy

By Tom Miller / @TomMillerUK A plan to nationalise steel was put in place by the Labour government in 1949, but after the defeat of the Attlee government, this was reversed by Churchill’s Tories in office – a reminder that conflicts over policy in our own movement are of lesser significance than who actually holds … Continued