After Theresa May’s transformation of the Tory party, what’s left for the centre-left?

By Jeevan Jones / @JeevanJones On 5th October in Birmingham’s ICC, you’d be forgiven for thinking something sounded familiar. It wasn’t Ed Miliband talking about “tackling unfairness and injustice and shifting the balance of Britain decisively in favour of ordinary working class people” or of “building an economy that’s fair, where everyone plays by the … Continued

The Panama Papers are revealing the misery of the neoliberal system

By Marie Paglinghi / @PMamacita The Panama Papers story has been received in a flurry of outraged comments. The intensity with which citizens in various part of the world have reacted is understandable. Both the magnitude of the sums concealed and the size of the list of individuals and corporations implicated in it surely sound … Continued

Like the Poll Tax before it, Council Tax must perish

By Rose Grayston / @rosegrayston Ever since Council Tax emerged from the ashes of the Conservatives’ failed Poll Tax, commentators have promoted alternatives ranging from a local version of Income Tax to Land Value Tax (LVT) and the Mansion Tax in its various forms. The case for reform is compelling and urgent. It is not … Continued