After IDS: Where Labour Goes From Here

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim There are three primary observations to take from Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation, after we have all done with jumping up and down on our beds and popping open a decent Pinot Grigio. First, that this was not actually about the reforms he championed, but a move in political chess. Second, … Continued

Rethinking Social Security: Can Labour learn from Nordic policies?

By Jo Ingold / @joingold Looking to other countries for policy ideas allows us to shed light on similar societal issues in a different context . The Nordic countries are often held up as pinnacles of good universalist and social democratic policies and here I set out three areas where Labour could look to these … Continued

The Only Way is Universal?

By Jade Azim / @jadefrancesazim I fear the Left has lost a crucial battle. The 1997-2010 Labour government was, rhetorically, obsessed with making welfare popular. “This is not a denial of self-interest” Tony Blair argued at Labour’s 1996 conference, “This isn’t a killjoy philosophy. This is enlightened self-interest. In a society in which opportunity is … Continued

An Assault on ESA

By James Jacobs / @jameswjacobs One of the main failings of this government – and there are many – has been their failure to provide sufficient social security for some of the most vulnerable in society – specifically people with disabilities. There are many examples of how people with disabilities have been affected – the … Continued