Open to Europe

by: Daniel Pomlett on 29.01.18

Pro-Single Market and Customs Union

We are unequivocally for a ‘soft Brexit’ and acknowledge Single Market and Customs Unions membership as the best means of preserving jobs and rights, of securing trade deals to all other options, including some destructive recent concepts such as TTIP, that other options the Tories wish to implement are more neoliberal, and that the Single Market is the best means of securing freedom of movement. There is no ‘Lexit’ that puts jobs and rights at risk.

Pro-freedom of movement

Before all else, EU migrants’ right to stay should be the baseline for approving any deal. We reject the Farageist campaign that migrants are to blame for societal ills. We instead believe that exploitation afflicts all workers and we must build a diverse working class and trade union movement.

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