“How can the Labour party build a winning coalition?” An interview with Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert is a political analyst and activist based at the University of East London. His research draws on critical theory to explore the past, present and future of radical democracy, and he currently runs the series ‘Culture, Power and Politics’ which is open to all members of the public. In this interview, Gilbert reflects … Continued

Labour Must Embrace Patriotism

By Lewis Coyne Many problems beset the Labour party at present. But while gallons of ink have been spilt over the issues of leadership, economic credibility, and national security, less has been said about Labour’s deep-seated difficulty with patriotism. Failing to develop an inclusive and progressive patriotism has not only been electorally damaging, it reflects … Continued

Budget 2016: The Illogical Sacrifices to The Altar of the Surplus

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim Today’s budget is, as expected, an assault on the most vulnerable, coated as a supposed essential step to delivering a surplus that is neither particularly needed nor exceptional in British political history. The most extraordinary characteristic is that of the raising of the PIP threshold, which will see around 200,000 … Continued

Labour’s Story Right Now – Writer’s Block?

By Sara T’Rula / @saratrula It has been nearly 10 months since Labour lost the general election, and nearly 6 months since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the leader of the party. While electoral defeat wasn’t particularly surprising, the new choice of leader certainly was. Even Corbyn didn’t expect to win, and this shows in … Continued

Playing the long game: Corbyn, Labour and the next consensus

By David Bates Travelling home from work a few weeks ago, I spotted a bus shelter advertisement for the National Living Wage. The poster’s bold block text announced its introduction with a simple, memorable slogan – “A Step Up For Britain” – and on top stood the image of a waitress, a symbol of those … Continued

Sadiq Khan’s intelligent campaign is a blueprint for Labour

By Hamish Porter / @HamishP95 For many, especially the myriad of political journalists who reside in the greatest city on Earth, the forthcoming London Mayoral election is an intriguing event in the political calendar. And even more so this time around. The heavyweight era of Johnson vs Livingstone has ended. Step forward the new bloods, … Continued

Campaigning beyond our comfort zones

By Clifford Singer / @cliffordsinger A recent report by Labour’s centre-right RedShift group on “reinvigorating Labour’s brand” calls for Labour to be more “surprising” and “counterintuitive”. An unnamed advisor is quoted as saying: “We have to marry [resilient] Labour voters with a wider group by saying something surprising. Labour has not said anything surprising for … Continued

What Jeremy Must Do To Win

By George Aylett / @GeorgeAylett Some in Labour are pessimistic about Corbyn’s chances of becoming Prime Minister – I enjoy debate and discussion, so I want to make a case for the sceptics who say that Labour will not win with him in charge. I want to make the Corbynite case for electability – I … Continued

Brand Anew

By Samuel Fawcett / @SamFawcett92 If you were anything like me when you first became interested in politics, you were enraptured by high concepts of democracy, redistribution and universalism. You believed that what mattered was the strength of rational argument and that, if only people saw the facts, they would come over to your side. … Continued

The Beckett Report: Seeing What We Want to See

By Louie Woodall / @LouieWoodall Interpreting the Beckett Report has become akin to reading tea leaves in a two-bit psychic’s end-of-pier hovel: everyone sees what they want to see. Many of us within Labour have leapt on the Report’s assertion that Labour did not lose because it was too left wing. To some, this vindicates … Continued