What we stand for

Who we are

We represent Labour’s open Left: a practical, open-minded and tolerant type of democratic socialism. Our ideas and campaigns are based on a simple strategy: creating broad and diverse alliances behind policies which transform society.

We are realistic about public opinion, but we believe that Labour’s democratic left must seek to lead it. This will only happen if our party is vibrant and democratic – if it can include a wide variety of views and groups without intolerance or bigotry keeping members away.

We believe a radical Labour party must prioritise transforming our economy – the UK must become high-investment, more green and more democratic. We stand with the bulk of the trade union movement in believing that this demands a close relationship with Europe, more trade and exporting, and solidarity with those campaigning for social justice here and internationally.

Open Labour has deeper roots in the history of the Labour left through organisations like Tribune and the Labour Coordinating Committee, but also as committed trade unionists. We are optimistic about our future and we hope you will become part of it.


We are a grassroots and member-led organisation, and all of our funds are from membership fees and small donations. Our National Committee is elected by members annually and our basic positions and policies are set by members at our annual conference. You can join here.

Open to Europe

Open Labour actively believes in a close relationship with Europe and campaigns for a pro-single market and customs union Brexit policy. This will protect both industrial jobs and migrant workers. As internationalists, we believe in defending workers’ right to move and live freely, which would not be realistic without the single market. The referendum result is compatible with both the single market and customs union - and so are Labour’s manifesto policies.

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The open Left is forward thinking and pluralist. We campaign to exist within a party that can debate without toxicity and bigotry. We want Labour to promote BAME voices and women from every background, and to properly discipline bigotry and intimidation against oppressed groups where it arises.

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Anti Austerity

Open Labour is explicitly anti-austerity and anti-neoliberal. We reject Thatcherism and the so-called ‘third way’ in favour of common sense socialist solutions. We believe the party should be bold in rejecting cuts to welfare and services, argue for more democratic public services, and for a wider economy based on investment and innovation.

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We believe economic inequality is the greatest challenge of our time, and the party should prioritise closing the gap between the rich and the poor through radical economic reform and greater power at work. Our membership will work to develop comprehensive manifesto pledges to be put to the party.

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Economic Democracy

The distribution of ownership in the UK economy means too many important decisions about our economy is run are made by a tiny number of people. The open left seeks to expand public and cooperative ownership models, extend workplace democracy, and deliver a more equitable distribution of wealth.

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Committee members

Tom Miller Co-Chair
Emma Burnell Co-Chair
Laura Pascal Secretary
Jade Azim Social Media and Strategy
Rachel Ward Editor
Tom Williams Membership Officer
Lynn Morris Social Media and Communications
Richard Hamblin Welsh Rep
Phil Freeman Campaigns Officer
Alex Sobel Treasurer
Ben Procter Scotland Rep
Craig Dawson National Committee Member
Dai Collins National Committee Member
Danny Filer Events Officer
Jawad Khan BAME Officer
Juliet Harris LGBT Officer
Nathaneal Amos-Sansam Membership Officer
Rachel Garrick Disabilities Officer
Steve Lapsley National Committee Member