What we stand for

Who we are

We represent Labour’s open Left: a practical, open-minded and inclusive type of democratic socialism. Our ideas and campaigns are based on a simple strategy: creating broad and diverse alliances behind policies which transform society. 

We are realistic about the challenges our party faces, but we believe that Labour’s democratic left must take the lead and make the case for the change we need to see. This will only happen if our party is vibrant and democratic – if it can include a wide variety of views and groups within a culture based on equality, respect and fairness. 

We believe a radical Labour party must prioritise transforming our economy – the UK must become a high-investment, green economy rooted in a modernised, fairer, participative democracy. We stand with trade unions in demanding a new deal for working people, as well as supporting a radical reshaping of the welfare state as part of an economic model built on dignity and better quality of life for all. We are also firmly internationalist and stand in solidarity with those campaigning for social justice here and around the world. 

Open Labour has deeper roots in the history of the Labour left through organisations like Tribune and the Labour Coordinating Committee, but also as committed trade unionists. We are optimistic about our future and we hope you will become part of it. 


We are a grassroots and member-led organisation, and all of our funds are from membership fees and small donations. Our National Committee is elected by members annually and our basic positions and policies are set by members at our annual conference. You can join here.


Cooperation, human security and liberation.

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Open Politics

Open politics built on democracy and inclusivity.

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A new economic deal driven by people not profit.

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Equality for all and strengthened trade unions.

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Modern democracy with fair votes, greater devolution and common ownership.

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National Committee 2021-2022

Tessa Milligan Co-Chair
Amen Tesfay Co-Chair
Abi Barinski National Secretary
Alex Sobel Treasurer & Parliamentary Officer
Shaan Ali National Committee
Ralph Berry National Committee
Megan Birchall LGBT+ Officer
Cathleen Clarke Youth Officer
Lauren Davison Policy Officer
Tom Miller Editor
Cai Parry Wales Officer
Kerri Prince Women's Officer
Amrita Rose Membership Officer
Sarah Sackman Trade Union Liaison
Omar Salem National Committee