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Open Labour stands for transformative, left-wing politics. Our socialism looks outwards to the voting public, is honest about the political challenges we face, and encourages an inclusive & pluralist ethos within the Labour Party.

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Gaza: stand against the killing of civilians
15.05.18 | by Open Labour

Open Labour unequivocally condemns the killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians in Gaza by Israeli troops – and the severe injuries resulting from live fire, which appear to number more than a thousand. We should expect democratic countries to set high standards when it comes to preserving human rights, and chief among these is the right […]

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Latest news

Labour must not fall back into its divisive stalemate
04.05.18 | by Emma Burnell

Unsatisfactory This was not a night that should satisfy any of us who want to see a Labour government. While Labour made some gains, there weren’t nearly enough. The energy that was built up during and after the General Election campaign last year seems to have dissipated.  Or worse, to be unable to be transferred […]

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