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Open Labour stands for transformative, left-wing politics. Our socialism looks outwards to the voting public, is honest about the political challenges we face, and encourages an inclusive & pluralist ethos within the Labour Party.

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Owning the Future: The Left’s Relationship with Europe
13.07.18 | by Open Labour

In collaboration with UNISON and TSSA, Open Labour has produced its first-ever pamphlet ‘Owning the Future: The Left’s Relationship with Europe’ which includes a contribution from former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and Open Labour MPs Alex Sobel and Catherine West. The pamphlet challenges the Labour Movement to look again at the EU, the Customs Union and […]

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Latest news

Open Labour calls on the NEC to release the Anti-Semitism Working Party Report and undertake a Full Consultation
09.07.18 | by Open Labour National Committee

Open Labour fully agreed with the statement issued on behalf of the Party leadership (December 2016) which reinforced the leader’s commitment to the IHRA definition “Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party share the view that language or behaviour that displays hatred towards Jews is anti-Semitism, and is as repugnant and unacceptable as any other form […]

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