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Open Labour stands for transformative, left-wing politics. Our socialism looks outwards to the voting public, is honest about the political challenges we face, and encourages an inclusive & pluralist ethos within the Labour Party.

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The Story of Conference
28.09.18 | by Open Labour

Conference began with the expectation that it would be inward facing and fractious. Instead, Conference was coherent and, on the whole, united in purpose. The leader’s speech focused on big politics and was a useful evolutionary development of the 2017 manifesto. Jeremy did tackle one area of internal party strife: anti-Semitism. He gave a clear […]

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Latest news

In Support of Keir Starmer’s Brexit Speech
25.09.18 | by Open Labour

Open Labour commends the speech delivered by Keir Starmer today, putting forward a positive vision for our future relationship with Europe, based on our commitment to internationalism and employment rights. The speech was incisive and statesmanlike, reading the mood of members and the nation; it was one of those speeches that sets the agenda for […]

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