Open Labour policies at heart of Labour transport plans

A people-first economy is core to Open Labour’s political values, and we have long fought for basic services to be run for people, not profit.

In our 2022 Position Paper, we argued for “ditching the failed private model for rail and buses”, calling on a future Labour government to “bring public transport networks into the hands of local people”.

We are thrilled to see Labour announce plans today to allow every community to take back control of their local bus services! Shadow Transport Secretary Louise Haigh set out Labour’s plans to:

  • Reverse the ban on public ownership
  • Accelerate the bus franchising process
  • Step in to safeguard local bus networks
  • Empower local transport authorities and reform funding
  • Allow every community to take back control of their buses

Labour’s Plan for Better Buses also follows Lou’s confirmations earlier this year that Labour will bring our railways back into public ownership as contracts expire.

The bus policy launch today follows several policies from Open Labour’s position paper becoming part of Labour’s next programme for government, including Ed Miliband’s plans to launch a publicly-owned energy company. GB Energy will invest £1 billion a year to develop local, renewable power owned by local people.

You can read Open Labour’s Position Paper here.

Watch Lou set out Labour’s Plan for Better Buses below:

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