Open Labour endorses 17 candidates in Young Labour and Labour Students elections

The Open Labour National Committee has voted to endorse the following candidates in the Labour Party’s youth and student elections:

National Labour Students Committee

Anna Baxter for Chair – L1816293
Theodore Biddle for Disability Officer – L1757006
Megan Birchall for Trans Officer – L1763315
Erin Hall for North West Representative – L1895677
Sohail Hussain for Ordinary Representative – L1190235
Kerem Mumyakmaz for Eastern Representative – L1741298
Cai Parry for Southeast Representative – L1770956
Daniel Wilton for Yorkshire & the Humber Representative – L1736832

To nominate our candidates for Labour Students, please first register with the party as a student here. Then nominate our brilliant candidates here:

Young Labour National Committee

Samuel Barnes for Southwest Representative – L1965192
Solomon Cuthbertson for Scottish Representative – L1668981
Maya Desai for West Midlands Representative – L1940884
Sam Hackney for LGBT+ Officer – L1770440
Eloise Harris for International Officer – L1636426
Jack Lubner for Chair – L1634823
Jessica Moultrie for Welsh Representative – L1431948
Jacob Withers for Under-18s Officer – L3091050
Lewis Hurst for Northwest Representative – L1939927

Please nominate Open Labour’s candidates for Young Labour at the next meeting of your CLP or local Young Labour Branch.
Nominations close at 12 noon on Friday 23rd February 2024.

Open Labour Co-Chair Tessa Milligan said: “We really appreciate the number of people who put themselves forward. We were overwhelmed by the level of talent amongst Labour’s up-and-coming generation of campaigners.

“We hope the candidates we have endorsed have a positive experience in these elections. It is vital that our party continues to inspire future generations of activists and future leaders.”

National Secretary Lauren Davison said: “We want Labour Students working together in pursuit of bold, radical policies and campaigning to deliver a Labour government this year. With Anna Baxter at the helm, Open Labour’s candidates will be laser-focused on building a buzzing campaign force of students across the party and the country.”

Co-Chair Amen Tesfay said: “We can’t wait to see the return of Young Labour conference, strengthened relations with Young European Socialists and more opportunities for young members. This team of Open Labour candidates, led by Jack Lubner, will be the inspiration to deliver on those challenges.

“This year is about securing a Labour Government delivering social and economic justice. About rebuilding hope and a brighter future than that offered by the failing and floundering Tories.”

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