A strong trade union movement
We believe in the strengthening of our trade unions, and their ability to organise and bargain collectively. This includes demanding workers on remuneration committees, unionisation drives and withdrawing regressive trade union laws. There is an essential need to focus on organising in the gig economy.

Radical tax solutions
Wealth taxes such as Capital Gains, Bankers Bonus, Mansions and Land Values taxes should be on the top of the agenda for consideration for a Labour government.

An executive pay cap
We believe an executive pay cap is not only essential but would be a popular pledge for the Labour Party to have in its next manifesto.

Radical housing reforms
Rent caps are essential within a reform package that is stricter on exploitative landlords, and a renewed focus in council housing, cooperative housing and shared ownership models. The housing crisis presents an urgent need to prioritise this in any Labour manifesto.

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