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by: Daniel Pomlett on 29.01.18

A pluralist party free of toxicity

Debates and elections should be conducted with open-mindedness and a call for positive ideas regardless of support for candidates or leaders. Where deselection is considered, it should be done so on a case by case basis, but should not be pursued based on opinions of the leadership, whether in favour or against.

Rooting out bigotry

We believe in a party free bigotry based on race or religion. We will work with BAME groups within the party to ensure a party free from anti-Semitism, islamophobia and racism.

A feminist party

The Labour Party should dismantle structural sexism within and without, promoting women to all of its levels. We call for a strong independent body to investigate harassment claim and trained advisors for victims.

We stand against transphobia and trans-misogyny in the party, recognising trans women as women and their right to stand in AWS contests and to women-identifying posts in the party.

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