Perspectives for Open Labour: A Politics of Radical Pessimism

By Paul Thompson and F. H. Pitts / @fhpitts This document is submitted as part of a constructive engagement with the Management Committee’s Draft Position Paper (DPP). There is not much that most on the left could disagree with in the Statement. That has its merits, and we are sympathetic to not trying to have … Continued

Could Britain re-enter a reformed EU?

Open Labour Brexit debate By Hannah Dadd At a recent event organised by Labour South-West on the subject of the European Union and women’s rights, a clear divide amongst the MPs and MEPs in attendance emerged on the issue of Brexit. The divide could broadly be characterised as between ‘if and ‘when’ factions. That is, … Continued

Editorial: McDonnell is wrong, this is not our moment

“This week”, John McDonnell wrote last week in the New Statesman, “the left finally defeated free market ideology”. This, after a government just advocated for the deportation of NHS staff, just targeted international students, and is considering legislating for firms to publish a ‘list’ of foreign employees. This isn’t a victory. If there is even … Continued

People with Disabilities: Brexit spells trouble

By James William Jacobs / @jameswjacobs Whatever our opinion on Brexit, and whatever we think of the leadership in the campaign, every Labour member that I know is fiercely against any diminution of the social and employment protections the European Union gives us. However, the group that has most to lose from the Article 50 negotiations … Continued

As a Labourite and a Finance Lawyer, we are better in the EU

By Bilal Mahmood / @bilal_labour I’ve had to walk a tightrope between my career and my politics for a long time now. When introducing myself in Labour circles as a Banking and Finance Lawyer, who was the Parliamentary candidate against Iain Duncan Smith, people often look at me as if I had said that I … Continued