On Not Seeing Two Sides

By Rachel Muers / @rachelmuers Jade Azim’s account of her experience at the Young Labour conference is all too easy to recognise and relate to, even for those of us whose acquaintance with current internal Labour politics comes mostly from the media and online debate. The part of Jade’s story that struck me most forcibly … Continued

Building Momentum for an Open Labour Party

By James Doran / @doran_j When I heard that Open Labour had been established, I was delighted. Why, though? I am involved with Momentum. Should I not see Open Labour as a threat? If we can think of Momentum as a kind of enlarged and updated Campaign Group, then Open Labour aims to do the … Continued

Plan first, squabble later

By Colm Flanagan / @ctmflanagan In an article for IPPR, Tony Wright has written that Labour has lost its sense of purpose and needed to reinvent itself. On his own terms, he is half right. He evokes Tawney and his 1931 dismay at Labour’s “lack of creed”. His definition of creed is threefold: ‘a common … Continued