On Rhea Wolfson, and young women in the Labour Party

By Charlotte Nichols / @charlotte2153 Being a Labour Party member at the moment can often be rather disheartening. Being a member who is part of a Jewish community even moreso, with everything that’s going on at the moment in the party regarding antisemitism. Being a woman member has always been somewhat of an added nuisance- … Continued

Jasmin Beckett: What I Will Do For Young Labour

By Jasmin Beckett/@Jasmin_Beckett Last Saturday, when I was elected Labour’s NEC Youth Rep, was one of the proudest moments of my life. As a working class woman from Liverpool, getting involved in Young Labour has been transformative for me. It has allowed me a space in which to channel my anger about the inequalities and … Continued

Here We Go Again

By Ann Black Labour is reviewing its policy-making processes for the umpteenth time since the national policy forum (NPF) was established in 1997. After 18 years most members still cannot name their representatives, and still feel that their views vanish into the ether. One-member-one-vote elections and the Your Britain website have made little difference out … Continued