Our 10 pledges for leadership contenders

Open Labour believes there is no one part of the Labour movement with all of the solutions we need to take us forward. It is important that we not only listen to all who make up the broad church of our party, but speak to those voters that have the power to make us a government for positive change.

In that light Open Labour calls for all those standing for leadership positions to sign up to the following as the basis for taking us forward to Government:

The #OLpledge

  1. I will stand for a transformative socialist economic agenda, to make sure this is credible and coherent, and that it resonates with voters priorities.
  2. I will support a respectful & comradely political culture and demand a high standard of conduct both from my supporters and other members.
  3. I will fight for a truly independent and transparent complaints process, giving members clear guidance on their rights and responsibilities. I will work pro-actively to improve relations with Britain’s diverse faith communities.
  4. I will seek to increase the party’s BAME, LGBT+, Disabilities and Women’s societies’ roles in related policy, representation and internal party matters, and safeguard the rights of trade unions in the party.
  5. I will lead a review of the party’s campaign infrastructure, policy-making processes and priorities, and the work of the NEC and Leader’s Office to ensure transparency and effectiveness.
  6. We need a more pluralist party. I will campaign for the party to adopt the voting system used to elect the leader (STV) for use in all internal elections above CLP level, guaranteeing wider and more accurate representation for our members.
  7. I will only attend leadership hustings where all candidates have been given the opportunity to attend.
  8. I will encourage all socialist societies, affiliates and Labour member-based organisations to ballot their members before endorsement of candidates, and to give all candidates an opportunity to be heard by their members.
  9. I will commit to a voluntary spending cap on campaign costs and call on other candidates to agree the same.
  10. I will broaden Labour’s international cooperation with like-minded parties and civil society in other countries and strengthen our relationship with non-UK citizens resident in the UK. I will fight any effort by the government to use Brexit to reduce rights and living standards for all residents.

We’re calling on activists as well as candidates to support these. You can add your support to the pledges below, and we will be using the hashtag #OLpledge to support the debate. If we want the right leadership in place, we have to make sure that we are having the right debate first.

I Support Open Labour's 10 pledges

Latest Signatures
113 Joe Ashton Shipley
112 Joe Davies Congleton
111 Thomas Shaw Cheadle
110 Louise Baldock Stockton South CLP
109 Darren Price Staffordshire Moorlands
108 Cllr Calvin Rodgerson Carlisle
107 Maureen McDaid
106 Luke Cooper Islington South & Finsbury
105 Nick Taylor Scarborough and Whitby
104 Judith Stewart Sheffield Hallam
103 Anna Dakin
102 Julie Ward NW Durham
101 Lee Burkwood Leyton and Wanstead
100 James Robert Caruana Cardiff South and Penarth
99 Lois Blythe Braintree
98 Marianna Masters Streatham
97 Linda Pollitt Havering
96 Laurence Nasskau Mole Valley
95 Paul Callaghan Cardiff central
94 David Biddle Bristol West
93 Edoardo Milli Hackney North & Stoke Newington
92 Martin Timson Liverpool Riverside
91 Hazel Seidel Colne Valley
90 Amrita Rose Hackney South and Shoreditch
89 Chris Wright Cheadle
88 Jake Atkinson Buckingham
87 Nadia Whittome MP Nottingham East
86 Leonard Ridsdale
85 Chris Paul Manchester Withington CLP
84 Ann Black Oxford East
83 Dave Gibbons Torridge and West Devon
82 Callum Gordon Guildford
81 Lynton North Torridge & West Devon
80 Liam Hoare Cardiff North
79 Michael Coulson Selby & Ainstey
78 Tom Laing Wallasey CLP
77 Giles Bridge Ribble Valley
76 Jack Ashton Thirsk and malton
75 Lynn Morris Canterbury, Whitstable and Villages
74 Evan Keir Edinburgh Eastern
73 Ollie Miller Edinburgh East
72 Harry Pitts Bristol East
71 Caelan Reid Sheffield Central
70 Rose Grayston Vauxhall
69 James Parkin Castle Point
68 Paul Edwards-Shea Sleaford and North Hykeham
67 Daniel Eales Darlington
66 Joe Davis Monmouth
65 Finn Beyts Glasgow Shettleston
64 Oliver Wheeler Bristol South

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