A new party may not be a threat to Corbyn—but his own membership could be

by: Emma Burnell on 17.01.19 | In: Comment
by: Emma Burnell on: 17.01.19 in: Comment

Open Labour Co-Chair has a piece on the Prospect website arguing that the threat to the Corbyn project of disappointing members is not well enough understood.

Corbyn’s strength has always been in his relationship with the Labour Party membership. The reason the 2016 “coup” attempt was always bound for failure was that he knew when asked the members would choose him over any other MP.

That campaign—even more than 2015—focused on Jeremy the man, making him indivisible from his political programme. This gave him the strength to put Labour on a path towards socialism it hadn’t been on in decades. And those like myself who worried about the electability of such a strategy were proved wrong. The 2017 manifesto offered policies that would transform our economy “for the many not the few” and added ten points to Labour’s performance as a result.

Read more on Prospect.

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