Why aren’t you hearing us? Promoting an inclusive Open Left

This year’s Open Labour event at Conference will be about promoting an inclusive Open Left which enables and facilitates diversity.

Open Labour submission to the Labour Party democracy review centred on the need to create a culture of an Open Left within the Labour Party, one that removes societal barriers to participation and reaches out to marginalised groups. This year’s conference fringe takes on the issue of what sort of culture we want as a party and how we can achieve it.

Facilitator: Laura Pascal (Co-Secretary, Open Labour)

Introduction: Rosie Duffield MP (Canterbury MP and Member of Women and Equalities Select Committee)

Steve Lapsley (Open Labour National Committee / Jewish Labour Movement)
Jonathan Fletcher, (Chair Project 125 and NEC candidate 2018)
Dr Heather Peto (Trans Officer LGBT+ Labour and NEC candidate 2018)
Cllr Perry Ahmet (Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, Haringey Council.

Come along and take part in the debate.

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