CONFERENCE RALLY: Global Challenges, Collective Solutions

How can Democratic Socialists combine support for workers, internationalism and democracy to create change?

Open Labour is thrilled to announce our rally at this year’s Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. Join us at 7PM on Sunday 8th October at Black Lodge Brewing, L1 8JU.

Labour faces multiple challenges both in the UK and as Internationalist Democratic Socialists along with our sister parties around the world. Open Labour’s conference rally will see leading members of the Shadow Cabinet, Frontbench, International Politicians, Trade Union movement and emerging global leaders address how we can meet these challenges not by falling back on old solutions but applying our socialist values in a modern, post-industrial and post-imperialist world.

Speakers: Ed Miliband MP (Shadow Secretary for Climate & Net Zero), Anna McMorrin MP (Shadow FCDO Minister), Nadia Whittome MP, Alex Sobel MP, Miatta Fahnbulleh (Economist and Labour Candidate for Camberwell & Peckham), James Meadway (Economist), Benny Wenda (Free West Papua Campaign), Zofia Malisz (Lewica Razem Poland), Bohdan Ferrens (SD Platform Ukraine), Senior Minister from Kosovo, Senior Minister from a British Overseas Territory, Senior Ukrainian MP, and many more to be announced!

Hot food will be provided free of charge.

Click here to book your ticket now!

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