Open Labour Rally – Own the Future

The event will look at how the Labour Party can tackle the challenges of climate change, COVID, the UK democratic deficit, societal racism and the changing nature of work. The speakers will of course look at how Labour needs to tackle these issues with a view to becoming the party of Government.

The event will be on Zoom on Monday 21st September 2020 at 6.30pm and broadcast on Open Labour’s Twitter, Facebook Page and Youtube Channel

Confirmed Speakers: Emily Thornberry, Jonathan Reynolds, Clive Lewis, Rebecca Evans MS (Wales Finance Minister, Jo Grady (General Secretary – UCU), Paul Fleming (General Secretary – Equity), Paul Sweeney (Former Shadow Minister of State for Scotland), Ann Black, Jermain Jackman, Cllr Alice Perry, Cllr George Lindars-Hammond, Cathleen Clarke and Alex Sobel MP

Speakers to be Confirmed: Helen Clark (former New Zealand Prime Minister), Marsha Da Cordova and Monica Lennon MSP (Scottish Shadow Health Minister)

The event will be broadcast live on this Facebook Page. Labour Party Members can also get a link to join the Zoom by emailing with their membership number and CLP

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