Open Labour Scotland Launch and AGM

Come and hear Paul Sweeney talk about how Open Labour can contribute to the issues facing Labour in Scotland and the need for a new settlement for the UK. Paul was the Scottish Labour and Co-operative MP for Glasgow North East and Shadow Scotland Officer Minister from 2017-2019 and was the Labour MP from the 2017 intake who contributed to the most Parliamentary Debates. Paul led many campaigns in Glasgow, Scotland and across including as a founder of the Love Socialism, Hate Brexit Group which worked closely with Open Labour on shifting the Labour Party’s position on a Public Vote.

The day will also elect a Committee to take Open Labour Scotland forward.

The Committee will consist of a Chair, Vice Chair for Membership, Secretary, Treasurer, Campaigns Officer, Media and Communications Officer, LGBT+ Officer, Women’s Officer, Disability Officer, BAME Officer and Youth Officer – at least half of these positions must be held by self-identifying women.

The Committee will also have a minimum of 2 open places, which may increase to a maximum of 8 at the discretion of the members present and voting at the AGM – at least half of these places must be filled by self-identifying women. These positions should also seek to ensure representation from the eight Scottish parliamentary regions.

Any Open Labour member can run for the committee and nominations can be made on the day or you can self-nominate in advance.

Any queries please email

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