Gaza: stand against the killing of civilians

by: Open Labour on 15.05.18 | In: Editorial | Tags: , , ,
by: Open Labour on: 15.05.18 in: Editorial tags: , , ,

Open Labour unequivocally condemns the killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians in Gaza by Israeli troops – and the severe injuries resulting from live fire, which appear to number more than a thousand. We should expect democratic countries to set high standards when it comes to preserving human rights, and chief among these is the right to life.

We note the increasingly repressive attitude of the government made up by Likud and their allies towards human rights activists and journalists. We stand unconditionally with activists for peace and basic human rights, from both Palestinian and Israeli backgrounds.

We call for an independent international enquiry into these killings, for both parties to return to talks, and for freedom of thought and assembly in both territories. The basis of talks must be the security of civilians in the region, and a recognition of Palestinians as an equal partner with a right to statehood.

In addition, the status of Jerusalem can only come about through such negotiations – we call on Britain to condemn the US for its unilateralism on this issue.

It is the duty of countries like ours to lead in making sure that sufficient pressure is in place to make meaningful talks happen. Meanwhile, our thoughts are with the victims of this unjustifiable killing.

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