Labour members and looking outwards

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid

Open Labour: Open to debate. Open to decide. Open to deliver.

The Labour Party was founded to represent the interests of its people; it ensures its relevance today through the same principle. We establish our party’s needs by discussing with those who comprise its membership, the people who knock on doors and get active in their communities. Open Labour seeks to facilitate that cause.

“The language of priorities is the religion of socialism”.

So spoke the illustrious Aneurin Bevan. All too often those in the broad church of the Labour Party find themselves talking amongst those on the same pews. Yet if we are truly serious in our intention to establish a better society on the values of the Labour Party and the socialism to which it cleaves, we must look to our priorities. As of this moment our clear priority is ensuring clarity of vision representative of our membership and our beliefs.

How can we help to refine this vision? Open Labour seek to ensure that every branch, every CLP, and every public meeting is a forum where beliefs and ideas may be presented and tested. This is not to say that there are no bad ideas – a quick flick through the economic consensus of recent times underscores many such bad ideas – but providing a proper space for debate and discussion ensures that the reasoning behind ideas are scrutinised by all and held to account democratically. The Labour Party is the sum of a number of different traditions and their voices must be respectfully heard. Open Labour will hear out other viewpoints in that spirit.

I was proud to be a GMB delegate at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton where I asked the question “What is socialism, my brothers & sisters, if not that curious distaste for the suffering of others and the resolve with which to change it?” In order to effect that change, let us make sure that we have the language to articulate our beliefs, the evidence to support our rhetoric, and the conviction to bring about the society we envisage.

Open Labour stands as a bastion of reasoned thought and practical action. As such, I believe it stands in the finest tradition of the Labour Party – that of a socialism which is democratic, principled, and attainable.

Open Labour: Open to debate. Open to decide. Open to deliver.

David Hamblin
Cardiff North CLP, Wales
Chair – GMB Young Members (Personal Capacity)

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