Open Labour Committee 2019/20

by: Open Labour | on: 25.07.19 | in: Governance

The following (listed alphabetically) have been elected to serve on the Open Labour committee 2019/20.

  • Ralph Berry
  • Emma Burnell
  • Jake Cable
  • Anisha Faruk
  • Steve Lapsley
  • Michael Millar
  • Tom Miller
  • Tessa Milligan
  • Lynn Morris
  • Amrita Rose

The following (listed alphabetically) have been elected to specific posts on the Open Labour Committee 2019/20

  • David Collins – Welsh Representative
  • Abigail Marshall Katung – BAME Officer
  • Charlotte Norton – LGBT Officer
  • Keiran O’Neill – Scottish Representative
  • Alex Sobel MP – Parliamentary Representative
  • Rachael Ward – Women’s Officer
  • Caroline Welsh – Disabilities Officer

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