Owning the Future: The Left’s Relationship with Europe

by: Open Labour on 02.08.18 | In: Editorial
by: Open Labour on: 02.08.18 in: Editorial

In collaboration with UNISON and TSSA, Open Labour has produced its first-ever pamphlet ‘Owning the Future: The Left’s Relationship with Europe’ which includes a contribution from former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and Open Labour MPs Alex Sobel and Catherine West.

The pamphlet challenges the Labour Movement to look again at the EU, the Customs Union and Single Market from a Left perspective. It outlines a range of options and perspectives and reinforces the unreality of the Government’s recently published White Paper.

To date, the Labour Party and wider Left have neither undertaken a deep analysis of the options for Britain nor articulated arguments for what Britain’s relationship should look like after 2020. This pamphlet puts forward a number of options from the Remain supporting Left.

Open Labour Pamphlet - ‘Owning the Future: The Left’s Relationship with Europe’

Open Labour Pamphlet – ‘Owning the Future: The Left’s Relationship with Europe’


  • Brilliant that Labour is engaging with fellow workers in Europe together stronger.

    Workers of the World Unite

  • At last .
    Come on Labour get behind this or we will be saddled with an unworkable hard Brexit and ultra right wing views will triumph.

  • It is a great relief to see that some people are taking Brexit seriously and considering the realities of alternative approaches. Well done comrades.
    It is sad that the government has not yet indicated any sensible course of action, particularly with regard to a possible border in Ireland or British manufacturing or agriculture, so let us hope this pamphlet might give our Brexit department a few hints about the realities of our current situation.

  • Brexit should be embraced by the Left: it strikes a blow for democracy against the Brussels bureaucracy/technocracy. There will never be a better opportunity to build ‘another Europe’ than now. A self-governing Britain and Northern Ireland pursuing leftist policies will serve as a beacon for sister Parties and movements on the continent. Open Labour should put itself at the head of the working class rebellion of 2016, not try to mute it, or wish it away with wordy formulae.

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