Adopted position paper 2017-18

Following some intense democratic debate, Open Labour has adopted a position paper for 2017-18. The paper outlines our basic strategic and policy positions on the big issues  in the country and the labour movement, which we have adopted in the hope of persuading Labour Party to follow. It also roughly outlines a set of priorities for our … Continued

Labour Party Conference event announced: Building a 21st Century Open Left

Please sign up to the facebook event for maps and reminders Both Labour and the Left are at a political, cultural and economic crossroads. How can we face the challenges of the 21st Century? How can we build a left which can rise to them? Details: Sunday September 25th 2016, 6-8 PM, Quaker Meeting House, … Continued

Reflecting on #YL16: A Need for Something New

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim Standing in that conference hall in Scarborough during the Young Labour Conference this weekend at the height of the NEC and Chair elections was like being in the middle of a Venn diagram. As a delegate with no ‘-ite’, it was pressurising and, from afar and without purpose, dehumanising. People … Continued

The future for Open Labour

By Jade Azim / @JadeFrancesAzim So far, Open Labour, in its fledgling stages, has not expressed opinion on one of the most integral exercises in shaping the future of the Labour Party: internal elections. This is true in particular of the recent and forthcoming Young Labour elections. In our early days, we are developing governing … Continued

Building Momentum for an Open Labour Party

By James Doran / @doran_j When I heard that Open Labour had been established, I was delighted. Why, though? I am involved with Momentum. Should I not see Open Labour as a threat? If we can think of Momentum as a kind of enlarged and updated Campaign Group, then Open Labour aims to do the … Continued

What’s the point of Open Labour?

We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback over social media since our online launch last week. We would like to thank everyone for signing up, and contributing to debate! One thing that has arisen a few times however is the current state of factionalism in the Labour Party and the amount of groupings arising. To be honest, … Continued

Labour members and looking outwards

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid Open Labour: Open to debate. Open to decide. Open to deliver. The Labour Party was founded to represent the interests of its people; it ensures its relevance today through the same principle. We establish our party’s needs by discussing with those who comprise its membership, the people who knock on … Continued