No to ‘lexit’ – Vote Remain

By Hanif Leylabi / @hanifleylabi I’m voting Remain – but one day I could vote Leave. So #EUref. Yeah, that. That thing that seems like it’s been going on forever. Seems like a simple choice for those of us on the left. The Labour Party, labour movement, progressive and liberal organisations, moderate Tories and the … Continued

Workers on Boards: The Start of an Economic Alternative

By Jeevan Jones / @JeevanJones Amid the sometimes very public debates about the Labour Party’s day-to-day operations, it can be easy to lose sight of another very important aspect of the party: its policy making process. With a general election some years away and almost a year after a disastrous defeat, there is a real … Continued

Saving our steel means demanding a strategy

By Tom Miller / @TomMillerUK A plan to nationalise steel was put in place by the Labour government in 1949, but after the defeat of the Attlee government, this was reversed by Churchill’s Tories in office – a reminder that conflicts over policy in our own movement are of lesser significance than who actually holds … Continued

Labour’s Achievements for Female Trade Unionists, and How Our Generation Will Lead the Change

By Charlotte Nichols / @charlotte2153 Tessa Jowell famously pointed out that when she entered parliament, there were more male MPs called ‘John’ or ‘Jonathan’ than there were women MPs. Representation without addressing the underlying inequalities is merely tokenism, and the Labour Party in Government worked to address these structural problems alongside addressing a lack of … Continued

Labour members and looking outwards

By David Hamblin / @UnionisedDavid Open Labour: Open to debate. Open to decide. Open to deliver. The Labour Party was founded to represent the interests of its people; it ensures its relevance today through the same principle. We establish our party’s needs by discussing with those who comprise its membership, the people who knock on … Continued