Open Labour: Why you should join our policy conference

by: Steve Lapsley on 16.01.19 | In: Comment
by: Steve Lapsley on: 16.01.19 in: Comment

Open Labour National Committee member Steve Lapsley has written for LabourList looking forward to our conference on the 26th January.

2018 was a successful year for Open Labour. Once again, many of the policies agreed at party conference  —  including much of the democracy review  —  were directly influenced by our own policies. This is proof that it is those of us on the open left that are helping to provide the intellectual base behind the regeneration of our party. The last year also saw the launch of our pamphlet “Owning the Future – The Left’s Relationship With Europe”, featuring contributors such as Yannis Varoufakis and the TSSA’s Manuel Cortes.  The selection of Open Labour members to fight parliamentary seats and good showings in internal elections have also seen us grow as an organisation in size and influence. Our own conference in the summer featured speakers such as John McDonnell and brought together activists from all over the country.

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