The New Foundations Book

Open Labour and Politics for the Many are delighted to present ‘The New Foundations’

The publication comes amid growing pressure for Labour to adopt radical constitutional reform including ditching First Past the Post

This book is the first to answer how that might happen, across the economy and politics.

Chapters include:

  • James Meadway on a pro-democracy overhaul of finance
  • Jess Garland and Willie Sullivan on reforming the state
  • Christine Berry on economic and political democracy
  • Safiah Fardin on health, democracy in the NHS, and the pandemic
  • Sandy Martin on how Westminster is failing the environment and our climate
  • Maya Goodfellow on race and empire
  • Laurie Macfarlane on the warped ownership of land in the UK
  • Declan McLean on devolution, independence and the need for Labour to federalise


Download  The New Foundations now

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