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Open Labour stands for transformative, left-wing politics. Our socialism looks outwards to the voting public, is honest about the political challenges we face, and encourages an inclusive & pluralist ethos within the Labour Party.

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    Open Labour policies at heart of Labour transport plans
    11.04.24 | by Tessa Milligan, Co-Chair

    A people-first economy is core to Open Labour’s political values, and we have long fought for basic services to be run for people, not profit. In our 2022 Position Paper, we argued for “ditching the failed private model for rail and buses”, calling on a future Labour government to “bring public transport networks into the […]

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    Latest news

    NEC Endorsement ballot: Candidate Statements
    22.03.24 | by Tessa Milligan, Co-Chair

    Open Labour will soon be balloting our members on which candidates should receive Open Labour’s endorsement in the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee elections. When opening applications, Open Labour set out that it would be endorsing 2 candidates for the position of CLP representative and 1 candidate for the position of Councillor’s representative, according to […]

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