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At each annual conference, Open Labour’s Management Committee will present a draft ‘position paper’ for the year for debate and voting. The paper will contain a set of political positions for the organisation. Using these positions, the newly elected MC are given a set of guidelines and principles outlining how Open Labour should take part in Labour’s internal debate and its policy making processes, and how it should go about building the open left.

Though the draft document is presented by the MC, the content of the paper is intended to be participative and member-driven, guaranteeing an open debate and a mandate for those charged with carrying it out.

The draft paper for our 2017-18 year is now available and will go forward to our inaugural conference, Ideas into Action: Building the Open Left. Shortly we will publish a procedure for additions and amendments, but this is an opportunity for members to familiarise themselves with the paper as proposed.

Position Paper Amendments are now available and  Constitutional Amendments both amendments will be debated alongside the position paper at the conference on March 11th and only full members (those who have paid a membership fee) are entitled to take part.

You can sign up to join us for ‘Ideas into Action’ here.

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