Open Labour backed NEC cadidates

Ann Black

After serving on the NEC from 2000 to 2018 and returning in 2020 I remain committed to accountability, socialist policies and genuine party democracy.  I judge every issue on its merits regardless of factional divides.
Since 2020 I have argued that local parties should receive a fair share of subscriptions, and have already got £1,500 returned to every CLP.  I will continue trying to speed up complaints and disciplinary processes, and to give local parties the power to choose their candidates.
Campaigning is expensive, and I’m a private individual with limited resources and only a handful of volunteers. We’re up against slates with big data and big money.  These are difficult times, but even a small amount helps us reach out to more members. Last time your support helped me to win.  This year we can again put members’ voices at the heart of Labour.


Other Open Labour backed NEC cadidates

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