Open Labour backed NEC cadidates

Katherine Foy


I’m standing again for the NEC because we need to win the next General Election. Tories have spent 12 years cutting services, corrupting institutions, and dividing communities. We must not let
them win again. If elected I will work to ensure that our campaign teams have all the resources and support they need for us to win a majority in 2024.

Bigotry and double standards are quietly tolerated within the party, as widely reported by members from all marginalised communities. I support continuing to adopt zero tolerance policies against hate, enforcing consistent and fair standards for all.

I support party democracy and returning more power to ordinary members. I want the Labour Party to truly value its members as representative of the diversity of our nations and our communities. Let’s win for everybody.

So please support my campaign by making a donation however small.

Other Open Labour backed NEC cadidates

Jermain Jackman


Ann Black