NEC result shows need for voting reform

Open Labour are very proud to have supported Ann Black for the NEC. Ann is exactly the kind of rigorous, fair, left wing and independently-minded socialist we believe the Labour Party needs more of. We were equally proud of the campaign Ann ran and our part in it.

This was always going to be an uphill battle. Ann was pushing against a fixed electoral system, which rewards candidates at the edges of the party at the expense of its middle ground. The factional machines were able to pour huge reserves of money and full-time staff into winning for their people.

Now the task of running the party fairly and competently falls to them – we hope they learn from Ann’s example of how to act with integrity and principle on the NEC as they take their seats.

Open Labour will continue the fight to ensure that the Labour Party lives up to its best values of democracy and inclusion – those we see embodied in Ann. We hope that all those who supported her will join us in doing so.

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