Open Labour calls on party members to accept findings of EHRC investigation into antisemitism and to work together to rebuild trust between Labour and the Jewish community

We express full solidarity with Open Labour’s many Jewish members, Jewish members across the Labour and Trade Union movement, and the wider Jewish community, who have been impacted by antisemitism in the Labour Party over the last few years.

The outcome of the Equality and Human Rights Commission investigation should be of deep concern to anybody with a conscience. Open Labour believes the bullying, harassment and victimisation of Jewish members was allowed to fester because of a failure of leadership.

We look forward to the Labour Party producing an action plan by 10th December, ensuring that all recommendations of the EHRC report are swiftly and competently implemented, and changing the internal culture of our party. We expect the new leadership to tackle the antisemitism problem head-on, where others have failed, and work to rebuild trust with the Jewish community.

But it is also imperative that every individual who makes up part of the Labour movement does their bit to help rebuild that trust too. We echo Keir Starmer’s statement that it is on all of us to make sure that the Labour Party is “an open and welcoming place for people from all backgrounds and all communities”.

Labour members must accept the findings of the report and enter the rebuilding process in good faith. We must support efforts to stamp out the antisemitism problem and work together to make sure our party can be an open and welcoming environment.

Finally, we send our best wishes to the Labour Party’s oldest affiliate, the Jewish Labour Movement. You have fought this injustice at every turn, with dignity and bravery. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

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