Statement on the expulsion of Tony Greenstein and abuse in the Labour Party

At Open Labour we have long called for tougher action against racist, prejudiced or abusive behaviour in the party, and in particular for the party and its left wing to abandon any ‘soft touch’ mentality towards anti-Semitism.

Politics around Israel is sometimes used to excuse or downplay anti-Semitic behaviour in our movement. We believe anti-Semitism should be taken on its own terms, there are no excuses for it, and that it should always be challenged.

Likewise, there can be no excuses for sexist bullying.

As such we thoroughly welcome the expulsion of Tony Greenstein, which could not come soon enough.

We have often been asked what defines the idea of the ‘open left’. Given how far bigotry and abuse deter others from taking part, we can say with confidence that Greenstein’s behaviour has been the opposite of it.

We are pleased to see the National Constitutional Committee setting out what is not acceptable in our Party. We support them in ensuring these red lines are maintained in all cases, for the benefit of our Party and the people we seek to serve.

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