In Support of Keir Starmer’s Brexit Speech

Open Labour commends the speech delivered by Keir Starmer today, putting forward a positive vision for our future relationship with Europe, based on our commitment to internationalism and employment rights. The speech was incisive and statesmanlike, reading the mood of members and the nation; it was one of those speeches that sets the agenda for future action.

We support Keir’s commitment to rejecting a deal that fails our tests, and are glad Keir declared that we will vote against it. Labour will oppose a no deal, there will be no get out clause for the Tories and this supports Open Labour’s policy as expressed in our pamphlet Owning the Future: the Left’s Relationship with Europe,’ which you can access here.

When he unequivocally declared: “Nobody is ruling out Remain as an option.” Keir gave hope to millions who have despaired in this post referendum period and the Conference rightly responded with a standing ovation.

Our job is to hold the Tories to account as they dither with a dead in the water Prime Minister and a gaggle of replacement contenders who couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag, let alone manage one of the most complex issues of our time. We will not stand by and watch them go down an ego driven route with no regard for people and their jobs. Contrast this with a Shadow Minister exuding integrity, who upholds our values so the the people who will be most affected are our number one priority.

Whatever the option, we want a close relationship with the EU, to remain in the Customs Union and a strong Single Market deal with no negative impact on rights, standards or protection. Nothing less will do.

We are not in the business of propping up a failed government, we are Her Majesty’s Opposition and Keir just gave us all a lesson in how to do that effectively and decisively.

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