Candidate Endorsements for Labour National Executive Committee elections

Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) around the country are having meetings to nominate candidates for the Labour National Executive Committee elections, and Open Labour are encouraging Labour members to nominate:

For CLP Representative places, we are recommending Ann Black and Katherine Foy

Ann Black (Membership number: A353890) – you can donate to Ann’s campaign here.

  • “I’m seeking nominations for the NEC constituency section. As a centre-left representative from 2000 to 2018, and again from 2020, I have consistently argued for socialist policies and members rights, and judged all issues on their merit regardless of faction. I’m a lifelong UNISON member. Since 2020 I have:
    • Reported regularly
    • Helped to revive women’s conference
    • Got £1500 refunded to every CLP
    • Voted against expulsion for supporting organisations before they were subscribed
    • Reactivated the National Policy Forum
  • If re-elected, I will work to:
    • Win the general election, with Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner. The Tories are partying, raising taxes, and cutting welfare while household bills rocket. They have to go.
    • Develop and inspiring vision and clear doorstep messages
    • Enable all CLPs to choose their parliamentary candidates
    • Return a fair share of membership subscriptions to local parties
    • Reduce delays in complaints and disciplinary processes
  • I’ll always listen to you, the members.”

Katherine Foy (Membership number: L0102021) – you can donate to Katherine’s campaign here.

  • “I’m standing again for the NEC constituency section because we need to win the next General Election. The Conservative Party has spent 12 years cutting services, corrupting institutions, and dividing communities. We must not let them win again. If elected I will :
    • Equip our campaign teams with all the resources and support they need for us to win a majority at the next General Election.
    • Ensure bigotry and double standards are no longer quietly tolerated within the Party.
    • Commit to make sure the Party listens to all marginalised communities.
    • Advocate for the Party to adopt zero tolerance policies against hate.
    • Demand that the Party enforces consistent and fair standards for all.
    • Support party democracy
    • Push for the return of more power to ordinary party members
  • I want the Labour Party to truly value its members as representative of the diversity of our nations and our communities. Let’s win for everybody.”

For the BAME Representative, we are recommending Jermain Jackman

Jermain Jackman (Membership number: L1186990) – you can donate to Jermain’s campaign here.

  • “I’m standing to be your NEC BAME representative and I’m asking for your CLP’s nomination. I believe the NEC should advocate for members to have a greater say in building radical and socialist policies, which will improve the lives of marginalised communities. If elected as your NEC BAME Representative, I will:
    • Build a Labour BAME network of active BAME branches and established regional/national BAME structures across our movement.
    • Commit to regular virtual and in-person meetings, reporting back on NEC meetings, allowing for Q&As.
    • Set up a BAME candidate resource hub to equip prospective candidates with the tools for election success, which includes access to a political mentor
    • Reinstate the Bernie Grant Leadership Programme and open access to young people outside the Labour movement to encourage political education and engagement.
  • It’s a matter of urgency that we mobilise and build an anti-racist environment in the Party if we are to win the trust of the electorate at the next General Election.”



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